Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.
— Sofia Loren


All too often we stand in front of the mirror critiquing ourselves; finding fault with things that only we see.  We're on a mission to change that.  To open your eyes and show you what people see when they look at you.  To show you your true beauty...your best self. 

Whether you're a professional looking to refresh your LinkedIn profile, a stay-at-home mum treating yourself to a well deserved day of pampering or perhaps you just want beautiful portraits to leave for future generations, we aim to leave you empowered and in awe of the woman looking back from your portraits. 

Your portrait session begins at our make up station where you can enjoy light refreshments while having a beautiful makeover with our professional hair and make up artist, Ashlee.  We'll then move to our shooting space for your fully guided photo shoot where I'll pose you to flatter your individual body shape, right down to how to place your fingers.  No posing knowledge is required.  All you need to do is bring yourself and your favourite outfits and leave the rest to us!





Let me introduce to you the faces behind Heather Burberry Portraits! The truth is that without just one of these ladies, this small business of mine wouldn’t be what it is. With the majority of our clients being camera shy, we each play our part in helping them to relax and have a fun and enjoyable experience with us.

Ash Round.jpg

ashlee - hair & make up artist

You know those people in life who you feel you’ve known forever the instant you meet them? You just hit it off immediately. Well that was Ash. I knew the minute we met that I’d found the perfect fit for our team and let me tell you, the search for the right Make Up Artist had been loooong! Having qualified with a Diploma of Entertainment Make Up in 2003, Ash is not only an incredible artist but also one of life’s beautiful souls. I adore her love of vintage clothes and quirky earrings, never knowing what she’ll be wearing when I open the door but knowing that it will be fabulous and full of character. With her laid back attitude and fabulous sense of humour, Ash will have you chilling out in no time!

Me Round.jpg

heather (ME!) - photographer

OK, I could tell you the boring things about myself like how long I’ve been a photographer (since 2012); what genres I’ve photographed in the past (predominantly newborns) and my favourite things in life (my family, my cat, the beach and all things chocolatey) but what I want to tell you is this. My truth - I hate being photographed. Ash assures me this is common among photographers - the irony of what we do. But what it means is that I totally understand where our clients are coming from when they say they’re more comfortable behind a camera; something I hear from the majority of women at their consult though you’d never know from the photos on our site, right?! My aim is to make you feel beautiful no matter your age, shape or size. To make you feel comfortable in front of the lens. To bring out the beauty, essence and confidence that is within you. That’s why I love what I do and why I’m passionate about doing it.

Vicki round 1.jpg

vicki - studio assistant

Before Heather Burberry Portraits, there was Heather and Vicki - school mums and friends. Employing friends is often frowned upon but for us it works perfectly and has done since my newborn photography days. A former ambassador at The Mater Hospital, Vicki is a people person and shines at our shoots. Not only is she amazing at helping clients relax, she’s also indispensable to me - fixing hair, adjusting clothes, propping up faux walls, holding reflectors and zooshing hair with our hairdryer. She makes my life easier during a shoot and for that reason I love her all the more! Vicki’s also on hand for those of you wanting a Wardrobe Consult ahead of your shoot. See? Indespensible!